Once upon a time, a Portuguese couple set sail to Singapore to do business.

Before arriving in Singapore, the ship docked at Yangon port first, and the Portuguese couple visited Yangon.

When they visited Yangon, they both decided to stay in Yangon because they liked everything about the situation.

In Yangon, he set up a Dzuza pharmacy business.

The Dzuza Hospital building is still standing today on Mahabandula Street near Sule Pagoda.

Di Zuza Pharmacy produces various home remedies. Various children’s medicines The baby pound is produced.

A popular brand of baby powder is Violet Powder.

The ad of De Zuza Pharmacy says, “If you buy medicine, it’s safe at De Zuza.”

The writer U Thein Pe Myint wrote the short advertisement with the slogan “If you buy medicine, it’s safe at this store.”

Teacher Thein Pe Myint also wrote a short advertisement for Bo Lak’s sea fishing business.

“Every modern man eats sea fish.” It was an ad slogan that hit.

When I wrote an advertisement for Botajung newspaper, I wrote a short advertisement saying, “The Burmese are not hot and Botajung has arrived.”

It is reported that the slogan “Fire fire fire fire fire … Lord Myo Hey Do Ba Ma” was written by Thein Pe Myint.

“De Zuza”… When I continued to study the name, I read the name “De Zuza” in a contemporary document cited in a document about the Portuguese “czinka” written by history professor Dr. Than Tun.

The book referred to was written in Spanish in 1617 by the author Manuelde Abreu Mousinho, and the book was printed in Portuguese in 1829.

The contents of the book were translated into English by Alexander Macgocgor and published in the Myanmar Research Journal.

According to the historical information in the book…

Salvador Bero de Zuza, a native of Portugal’s Dolomites, is said to be the inventor of the iron wheel.

Therefore, it is considered that the name of the de Zuza building, which was established by a Portuguese couple, may be named in honor of the Portuguese Salvador Berro de Zuza, who built fortifications in the city of Iron.

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