Last year, Super Typhoon Isaac tore through coastal areas of Louisiana, causing severe damage to people and property. Jill The Squirrel is one of the victims of that terrible storm. A female squirrel washed away from her nest and floated to a family’s front door.

At that time, Shin’s condition was very bad. Fortunately, the squirrel met some kind people who took the squirrel in and raised it. The family saved the squirrel from danger and even allowed it to enter the “ancestry”. When he arrived at his new home, the squirrel’s life was like a flower, and he took great care of the squirrel and often allowed him to eat delicious and luxurious dishes.

In addition, the squirrel wore a very beautiful dress. The squirrel was fascinated by the teddy bear and hugged it wherever he went as his companion. A few years later, the master opened an Instagram account for the squirrel girl, and at first she simply wanted to post pictures to save the beautiful moments of the squirrel, but she immediately became famous. Currently, she has more than 700,000 followers on her personal page. Fans are still interested in the daily life of the “idol”. Her fame has spread far and wide. In fact, Jill is a squirrel with positive energy. Its rapid appearance, Her cute face and gentle attitude captured people’s hearts at first sight.