Did you know that you can't swim in the Amazon River, why don't you get tired? Are you powerful? Are you thinking? In fact, it's called Candiru because it's a scary fish.
Don't think it's too big
Candiu are members of the small catfish tribe. Only 1 inch in size, it mainly feeds on blood and survives by sucking blood as a parasite in the mouth of large fish. Although it is only 1 inch in size, it is notorious enough to be included in the list of the world's most famous river monster.
When you swim in the Amazon River, these fish can quickly swim up the urinary tract and enter your urinary tract and enter your bladder wall.
The small spikes in his mouth spread out and stuck into the flesh
It will absorb and consume your blood. The pain is from bladder inflammation
It can lead to internal bleeding and death.
The only way to save you is to split the bladder and take out the fish.
Even if I pee, it's hard if this guy goes in...
Now.. If there is a boarder who goes to the water's edge and is prone to splashing around, please warn me.
Fortunately, this fish can only be found in the Amazon River in South America.
We only import this fish to Myanmar and give it safely every big day
If only the gold is put in the hands of Myanmar, the future of the Burmese nation.