Stiff calves

Serve twice.
Before taking a bath, rub salt on your feet and then take a bath.

Apply a little tamarind water to the stiff area and rub it with both hands. Give me a foot. Take a bath after your feet.

Use one of the three leaves you like.
1 = koram big leaf. 2 = Almond leaves. 3 = banana leaf.
When you sleep at night, sleep around a very tight place. When the leaves are wrapped, the side that touches the sun, You have to touch the skin with the smooth side. If you’re going to hug her, you’re old enough to be a grandmother. Apply the cream according to the woman’s age. Keramet will absorb heat. and then wrap the leaves,

The leaves will also absorb heat. The reason for the longing is because it is hot. The percentage will decrease.
(Ao / Thu) Master U Yan Aung