Steatite is a kind of writing tool used in writing. In ancient times, a black sheet of paper, known as Purapet, They had to write with a pen on the layers of paper. When I started teaching literature, I learned how to handle kangku’s hair, so the first teachers were called kangku’s hand-turning teachers. Agate is a kind of stone obtained from a mineral called kangku, and it is small and chunky. These beginnings are shaped like small sticks with a pointed tip. They had to write on the top of a small copper tube. The hair is light green in color and has white streaks. There is also a black counter. In the old days, bribe money had to be sent to the king’s treasury. collect and to letters. and to monks and nuns. Issued and donated. In Burmese history, there is a saying that the King said, “Would you be able to get up and go to the palace?” In modern times, pen and paper are used less and less in writing literature. pen They started using only pens. Wreen’s business, They started to use it to mark the irons only in the iron bending industry.