Ne San, who shared pictures with Academy actress Shwe Shungrati.

Ne San, who shared pictures with Academy actress Shwe Shungrati.

Will Travel for Food About Maps and Address Book Contributions Contact Subscribe Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram Dec. 5, 2013 Orange Rouge is a colorful new restaurant in Montreal’s Chinatown that was posted in the following categories: MONTREAL, eatery surveys
orange rouge eatery ramen soup montreal © Will Go for Food

The ramen soup at Orange Rouge

I had been anticipating this specific opening for the beyond couple of months. This previous summer while doing a demo at the Omnivore celebration in Montreal, cook Aaron Langille declared that he would be opening another café in Chinatown soon. In his previous position, Chef Langille was in charge of the stove in the tiniest kitchen of Café Sardine, where he was in charge of making the few customers the café could accommodate happy every night. I sadly just ate there once, on his absolute last evening there* yet it was sufficient to blow me away and leave me needing more.

Orange Rouge at last opened its entryways half a month prior and I surged there when I returned from my South African experience. Found solidly in the core of Montreal’s Chinatwon, the orange and red structure that enlivened the café’s name is quickly recognizable. Inside is a first lounge area with a long U-molded bar running down one side of it with an incredible perspective on the open kitchen. The second dining room in the back is smaller and has only one table that can hold 12 people, making it ideal for private parties. The style is straightforward, sober, with dim walls, dim woods and a couple of complex moldings gathering everything together.
orange rouge café chinatown montreal © Will Go for Food

Orange Rouge’s brilliant façade/Duck with peanuts/Calamari and zucchini pan sear

“A feeling of general setting” is a substantial way of thinking at Orange Rouge. Despite the fact that I will miss the sort of food that gourmet specialist Langille was cooking at Bistro Sardine, this menu is nothing similar to that (however comparably heavenly). Imprinted on a collapsed piece of paper – a reference to the take-out menus of the area – the dishes are enlivened by Chinatown. On the off chance that you are a fanatic for realness, you might have a slight issue eating there. On the other hand, if you’re a Chinese or, more specifically, a fan of Asian cuisine, this will soon become one of your favorite places to hang out. Gourmet specialist Langille takes freedoms in deciphering Asian dishes (Chinese as well as Japanese, Thai and others as well) and the outcome is in many cases a blend of comfortable flavors with an astonishing turn. There has been gossip circling that Orange Rouge is roused by VIP cook Danny Bowien’s Main goal Chinese and albeit the bits of hearsay are only that, I can see the likenesses having been to the New York eatery.
eatery orange rouge chinatown montreal © Will Go for Food

The back room at Orange Rouge

On the menu you will track down a short rundown of intriguing dishes as well as a decent choice of wines, lagers, teas and fermented teas. I’ve tasted many dishes on the steadily changing menu and I can let you know that the ramen soup’s rich stock and energetic noodles was consoling and simply wonderful on a cool evening. The duck with peanuts is a straightforward dish yet the meat is cooked flawlessly and the marinated vegetables furnish the dish with the acidic note it necessities to sing. The calamari and zucchini sautéed food is gently sweet and tasty. The orange frozen yogurt is so basic yet rich and fruity. In any case, you shouldn’t blindly trust me, you ought to proceed to attempt it for yourself!

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