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Be aware of serving size: 1.5 ounces of liquor is equal to 1 serving of alcohol; 4 ounces of wine; 12 ounces of lager. Barkeeps and party has the same love to overpour. I suggest the following for tracking servings:

In the event that you need a brew, decide on a container or can rather than what’s on draft. Packaged and canned brews regularly come in 12 ounce servings (look out for the bigger jug and jars), so you understand what you are getting when you drink them.
In the event that you need a glass of wine, this one can be trickier. In a standard wine glass, 4 ounces ought to come up to about a fourth of the way or a tad under the midpoint of the glass. Try measuring out 4 ounces if you’re at home to see where this amount goes in your wine glasses.
If you want to make a cocktail, stick with clear liquors like vodka and tequila and mixers that don’t have a lot of sugar in them. The less sugar, the less work your body needs to do to process. Likewise on the off chance that you get carried away, the less hungover you will feel in the am. Ace way to order out: Make your own mix by ordering a cup of seltzer with lime (or any other mixer of your choice) and one shot of your preferred liquor on the side. That way you realize you are adhering to the one serving rule, and not getting carried away in void calories.

Have your mixed drink, talk with your companions, and afterward quit drinking. A companion of mine once said: Nobody is fascinating or entertaining after two beverages, and I’m in full concurrence with this. And even if you like a good wine or mixed drink, you probably won’t be interested in the taste after the third one. Stop after two and get yourself a water or another unmistakable, non-cocktail.

Let’s assume it with me: In the middle between. You could do without seltzer? Then, at that point, even more motivation to drink it. It’ll take you longer to get done, and that implies there will be additional in the middle among you and your next cocktail. It will likewise give a sensation of completion, so you’ll be less inclined to jump recklessly into the queso.

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