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Apple Muffins: Who said that muffins were only for breakfast? End your dinner on a tasty note with these low-calorie apple biscuits from Ellie Krieger. Brilliant Flavorful apples are stripped and cored prior to being added to walnuts, earthy colored sugar and cinnamon to shape the delicate player. Make them daily ahead to save time or freeze extras for a future late-night nibble.

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We Really Love Healthy Fall Apple Recipes Home HealthyEats Recipes 2015 09 Now Viewing 6 Healthy Treats to Make After Apple Picking — Fall Fest Here are five healthy ways to use up your freshly picked apples this fall, whether you prefer sweet Fujis or tart Granny Smiths.
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Level Fruity dessert with Amazing Pie Hull

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Prepared your wicker bins: It’s apple-picking season. On the off chance that you’re arranging an outing to your neighborhood plantation, you’re presumably previously dreaming about the superbly sweet, tart and zesty treats you can make once you get your apples home. They might end up in a traditional apple pie, or you might bake them whole with a mix of warm fall spices.

Naturally, the brown sugar and butter that are used in the majority of apple dishes are just as delicious as the fruit itself. But you don’t have to miss out on this fun fall activity even if you’re using the new season to get back into good eating habits. With a couple of basic changes, you can make your #1 apple dishes a light treat as opposed to an on occasion guilty pleasure. From sweet Macouns to tart Granny Smiths, the following are six sound ways of spending your newly picked apples this fall.

Level Fruity dessert with Wonderful Pie Covering (imagined at top)

Thicker style fruity dessert is surely heavenly, however it very well may be a piece lumbering to eat. Ree Drummond makes a level fruity dessert with a fresh, firm covering that is great in the event that you’re hoping to snatch a cut in a hurry. By just decreasing how much hull included, you’ll likewise diminish the quantity of calories.

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Heated Apples with Rum and Cinnamon

Alex Guarnaschelli heats cored Granny Smith apples in a rich, hot coating that more than compensates for the complete shortfall of pie outside. She proposes eating these prepared apples with rum raisin frozen yogurt, since she adores the flavor mix, however vanilla frozen yogurt or lemon sorbet would be delectable, as well.

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