The eldest son of Kui Ne Ntoo Naing, who will become a favorite of girls, “Bong Lek”

The eldest son of Kui Ne Ntoo Naing, who will become a favorite of girls, “Bong Lek”

Finding new foods is perhaps of the best thing about voyaging! Numerous dishes and cooking traditions that date back hundreds of years provide insight into local cultures through food. Expat Explore previously compiled a list of our favorite travel television shows. This time, we’re going to concentrate on those mouthwatering foodie travel shows.

The following are our favorite foodie travel shows:
Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown Because it’s so good, the first of our foodie favorites made our previous travel TV show list. There is no need to introduce Chef Anthony Bourdain. Bourdain, who was adored by foodies, travelers, and chefs alike, opened viewers’ eyes to parts of the world they might not have seen or considered traveling to. Bourdain was never afraid to push boundaries and show the beauty of humanity, from the Congo to the Gaza Strip. Before Parts Obscure, Bourdain facilitated comparably splendid and famous travel food shows No Reservations and The Delay.

Parts Unknown had an incredible 12 seasons, was nominated for 31 Emmy Awards, and won 12. In the course of his life, Bourdain visited more than 80 nations and turned into a motivation to such countless voyagers. He was never afraid to try new things, like Vietnam’s cobra heart, Iceland’s fermented shark, and Thailand’s pig blood soup! While he could have done without these more strange flavors, on account of having a receptive outlook, he very partook in some as well! However, do not be alarmed if you are squeamish. Additionally, Bourdain eats a lot of mouthwatering dishes that might be a little easier for less adventurous travelers to eat!
Anthony Bourdain, Parts Obscure, Foodie Travel Shows
Anthony Boudain partaking in a warm bowl of noodles in Hanoi, Vietnam. Picture from Anthony Bourdain: Facebook: Unknown Parts

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Someone Feed Phil

Searching for something to watch that simply feels like a major embrace? Someone Feed Phil is the vibe great foodie show that everybody needs in their day to day existence. Phil Rosenthal, the diverting essayist and maker of Everyone Loves Raymond, ventures all around the world looking for delicious food – from top eateries to road eats. He loves being with famous friends, locals, and chefs, and he eats amazing food while doing so. He also never fails to make everyone around him laugh. Phil’s many adventures have delighted viewers for five seasons. From learning how to drink Guinness in Ireland and going to the world’s oldest restaurant in Spain to connecting with his Jewish heritage in Israel and exploring his own backyard in New York City!

In prior seasons, Phil would call his amusing guardians by the day’s end to educate them regarding his outing. Phil himself and many viewers thought this was the best part of the show. His parents have unfortunately both passed away. He calls guests in Season 5, including well-known actors Paul Reiser, Brad Garret, and Ray Romano. Phil asks them to come up with a joke for Max, his father.

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